Our story featured on Houstonia Magazine!

Our story featured on Houstonia Magazine!

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For many people, a new year symbolizes hope. My fiancé Joseph and I rang in 2020 optimistic about all we had set out to accomplish. Then, as it did for the rest of the world, COVID-19 yanked the rug out from under our plans. Just as the pandemic officially shut everything down, I lost my job as a marketing strategist for an oil and gas company. Joseph, a supply chain manager for a food service distributor, thankfully didn’t lose his job, but was immediately consumed by 60-hour workweeks. Hopes for a new home or wedding were immediately suspended. Stress moved in, full-time. 

This global, novel virus has kept us contained in our homes, reshaping how we interact with the outside world and each other. The tragedies — personal, financial and professional — have been significant for so many. With daily routines completely upended, people are unsettled and life is unbalanced. But moments of crisis can also reveal opportunity. For us, the pandemic has been a source of inspiration, forcing us to reevaluate what’s important. And, in the process, to create a new company: THRUit™.

Through reflection, research and revelation, we discovered that health is crucial to happiness. Health and wellness can be achieved by establishing new routines, making them habitual. Our company is built around that proposition. THRUit™ provides a regimen of essential daily vitamins and supplements designed to restore that elusive equilibrium. It’s affordable, it’s pre-packaged and it’s vegetarian-friendly. Best of all, there’s no proprietary mystery ingredients — everything is listed on the labels and the website.

The THRUit™ three-step regimen includes Adult Multivitamin Gummies, taken daily to supplement nutritional gaps; Mood Support capsules with vitamins and herbal supplements designed to help restore balance; and Premium Broad Spectrum Oil, THC-free and organically grown, formulated to help alleviate anxiety and support a good night’s sleep. Because nutrition is also critical to supporting well-being for children, we also offer Multivitamin Gummies for kids.

Vitamins and minerals are critical to several important bodily functions and, with the exception of vitamin D, they are not produced in the body. According to the CDC, deficiencies are a problem among various groups in the U.S. and abroad, including children and pregnant women, for whom vitamin and minerals are crucial. Our Multivitamins and Mood Support capsules supplement what isn’t consumed through diet and restore equilibrium.

Our Premium Broad Spectrum Oil was developed to help alleviate anxiety and sleeplessness by stimulating mood- and pain-regulating receptors throughout the body. Its active ingredient, cannabidiol (CBD), has shown demonstrable effectiveness.

Let me add a personal endorsement. Truth is, I believe in THRUit™ because I use these products myself; they have helped me and my fiancé through the pandemic. Maintaining our health gives us the stamina to overcome the obstacles 2020 has thrown in our way. Or at the very least, give us the confidence to get back on our feet.

It’s been a year. If there’s a bright side to a global pandemic, it’s that it’s forced us to reconsider what’s important and what we value. It’s taught us what we’re made of and the resilience of hope. That no matter how long and dark the tunnel is, there’s light at the end of it.

Let’s get THRUit™.


Source: Houstonia Magazine Sponsored Article

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