When should I take my vitamins?

Adult Multivitamin Gummy

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You eat healthily, exercise regularly, and only take your vitamins when you remember. But you actually could be doing a little more to optimize your health. Like regular exercise and a healthy diet, taking your vitamins is something you need to do regularly and at the same time every day to reap the benefits. THRUit™ Adult Multivitamin Gummy is not only a nutritionally comprehensive supplement, but it’s made taking your vitamin a lot easier and tastier.

When should I take my multivitamin?

If you take a multivitamin, you will want to in a way that maximizes absorption of its nutrients, while also being super convenient so that you don't forget to take it. Many people take their multivitamin with their breakfast as it's easy to get into a routine in the morning.

Yet, there’s another reason to take your multivitamin in the morning. Multivitamins contain both water and fat-soluble nutrients. Fat-soluble nutrients break down in the presence of fats. If you typically include healthy fats in your morning breakfast, such as eggs, avocado, or butter, this is a great time to take your supplement. Vitamins such as A, D, and E, which are in THRUit™ Adult Multivitamin Gummy, are fat-soluble and consuming these during breakfast will help your body process and absorb them more effectively.

Lastly, taking your multivitamin with food will also reduce the likelihood of it causing any stomach discomfort or nausea, as this is typical for many supplements.

When should I take my other vitamin supplements?

If you take supplements in addition to your multivitamin, such as iron, make sure to take it with a meal such as lunch or dinner.  It’s important to remember that caffeine and milk can interfere with iron absorption, so avoid taking it with your breakfast in the morning when you’re most likely to be drinking coffee, tea or eating cereal with milk.

If your doctor has recommended that you take a fish oil supplement which can lower inflammation and help protect against heart disease, beware of burping!  The best thing to do is store your fish oil supplements in the freezer and take them right before a meal. When frozen, fish oil supplements go down further in your system and don’t cause so much belching.

A magnesium supplement offers a long list of benefits, from stronger bones and better sleep to heart health. THRUit™ Mood Support contains 50 mg of magnesium and is to be taken with a meal, so we recommend taking it at noon with your lunch meal. This is a relatively low dose of magnesium, so it will not make you feel sleepy.

Vitamin K helps your blood clot and assists in building strong bones. It may also protect you from cancer, diabetes and improve your body's sensitivity to the hormone insulin. Vitamin K needs to be taken with a meal that contains some fat. However, there's no research indicating the best or worst time of day to take this vitamin. That means, you get to choose which meal to add your vitamin K.

So, what's the takeaway?

Yes, the timing of your multivitamins and supplements has an impact on their absorption. However, if you incorporate our vitamin into your daily routine, you'll soon be on the road to health and wellness and reap the full extent of the benefits.  

As always, we recommend you talk with your doctor about the advisability of vitamins and nutrients.

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