$1 Gift Bundle (Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer, and Notebook)
$1 Gift Bundle (Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer, and Notebook)
$1 Gift Bundle (Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer, and Notebook)
$1 Gift Bundle (Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer, and Notebook)
$1 Gift Bundle (Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer, and Notebook)

$1 Gift Bundle (Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer, and Notebook)

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Our Get THRUit™ Gift Bundle makes it easy to prioritize your day while protecting you from bacteria and germs. You'll receive this bundle for only $1 with any purchase. It includes:

  • THRUit™ Notebook is here to help you keep it all together. Whether you’re scribbling your grocery list, jotting down an idea or planning your next big move, this notebook will get you through any situation. Features 80 lined sheets, two-sized sticky pads, five neon sticky flags, a black-ink pen with an integrated pen loop. Size: 8-1/4" x 6-1/4" x 1-1/8".
  • THRUit™ Face Mask is a high-quality face-covering stitched with a blend of cotton and linen fabrics to provide you multi-layered protection while social distancing. It includes a pocket so you can easily slide in a *medical face mask or a KN95 for additional coverage. Your health is important. Mask up and stay safe with our washable and reusable face mask. Size: 5-1/2" x 7"
  • THRUit™ Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer is the perfect on-the-go cleanser that helps keep germs away and your surroundings clean. 

*medical face masks or KN95 are not included in the sale.

THRUit - Affordable & Cost Effective
Working directly with our manufacturer, we competitively price our products, so you don’t overpay for quality. It’s like shopping for boutique products at big-box retailer prices.
THRUit - Transparent & Honest
When buying vitamins or supplements—or anything you put in your body—it’s good to be skeptical. That’s why we list our ingredients and include no proprietary blends. Transparency is key to trust, and we’re all about that.
THRUit - NSF GMP Registered Facility
Our manufacturer is proud to be a National Science Foundation (NSF) GMP registered facility. They comply with the meticulous Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) standards and procedures imposed by NSF International, the globally recognized public health and safety organization. Their facility is regularly inspected to ensure that our products are consistently produced and controlled according to the most current strict NSF quality standards.
THRUit - FDA Registered Facility
The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulates finished dietary supplement products and dietary ingredients. As an FDA registered facility, our manufacturer is subject to an inspection at any time to ensure they meet all the requirements and regulations.
THRUit - Lab Tested Products
We believe transparency is key to building trust. That's why we test each batch of our Premium Broad Spectrum Oil with a third-party vendor, Botanacor. We test the cannabinoid profile, pesticide residue, microbial contaminants, and heavy metals to ensure a pure and safe product. You can also find the Certificate of Analysis (COA) of your product by scanning the QR code found on the bottle. 
THRUit - Halal Certified
Our manufacturer has become halal certified by ISA (Islamic Services of America). The ISA halal logos are a distinct identifier to consumers around the world as to which organization attests to the halal integrity of the product being represented.