Life zigs. We zag.

Cofounder of THRUit - Joseph and Melina
In the spring of 2020, the pandemic gave the world a hard life lesson. Like everyone else, we had to change plans and mentally adjust to a new abnormal, personally and professionally. Soon, we realized the importance of being mentally and physically prepared to face the stress that accompanies the unexpected. 

So we founded THRUit™️, a company dedicated to giving you access to affordable vitamins and supplements designed to get you through the day. Our three-step regimen consists of essential ingredients to help you face life’s challenges head-on. A multivitamin to support your overall health, a supplement to help restore your mood, and a premium broad spectrum oil to aid a good night’s rest.

If there’s a bright side to a global pandemic, it taught us what’s important—family, health and balance. And know that whatever challenge you are facing, we’re here to help you THRUit™️.


Joseph & Melina